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March 2005

Not all men who hire personal shoppers dislike shopping. Micki Turner has several Bay Area clients who travel the world, picking up a suit here and a pair of shoes there.
“Some of my male customers have more clothing than any woman I’ve ever worked with,” says Turner, whose job involves coordinating what is already in a man’s closet as much as it does filling it.
“One man, in particular, has a very good eye, but when he gets his purchases home he can’t figure out how to mix them together,” she says.
“So I ask what he has going on for the week, then we look at the weather report, and I put together a week’s worth of outfits for him so he doesn’t have to think about it.” The key to working with any client, she says, is blending items from his existing wardrobe with new pieces to enhance his options and extend the life of his clothing.