I love new clothes. I love the way I feel when I walk out the door in an outfit that I know makes me look good. But I hate to shop. As soon as I walk into a store, I forget what I have. I forget what I need. I wander from department to department and usually end up making one of my three retail mistakes: buying something that I already have three of, buying something that I think should look good on me but doesn't or buying an orphan — something that looks ok but doesn't go with anything else I have. Department stores scare me. They're too big, too many choices, too overwhelming. I'm afraid I'll get lost and never find my way out.
Boutiques are another story. I either end up with something I never wear or a store credit that never gets spent.
Shopping with Micki has changed my life. First we edit my closet. When we're done I have fewer clothes, more outfits, a beautifully organized closet and a list of things I need.
Then we shop. Micki knows my style and pre-shops so that when I get to the store there's a dressing room full of clothes to try on. She introduces me to styles I never would have gotten to on my own. She doesn't tell me something looks good on me if it doesn't. She works with specialty stores regularly so that things can be returned. If something needs alterations, Micki picks it up and drops it off at my house. Best of all, Micki is respectful of my budgetary limitations.
I have never made a shopping mistake with Micki. I love my clothes. I love the way I feel in them. They give me confidence when I go out in the world.
At first I thought hiring an image consultant was a luxury but not any more. In the end, I save more shopping with Micki than doing it on my own and buying clothes I never wear or try to make work by buying other pieces to go with them.
Micki is wonderful.