There is something to be said for expertise. You probably hire a mechanic for your car and an accountant for your taxes. Calling a style expert for your wardrobe and image is equally as important.

When you are wearing the right clothing you radiate self-esteem and good judgment. It is a very high compliment to have someone say you looked both great and appropriate.

You will actually save time and money by hiring a professional. There will be no wasted pieces in your closet and no wasted time in your shopping outings. Shopping will actually be pleasant. Stores will be selected that match your taste and budget. You will be introduced to the best sales personnel in every store and feel like you have a personal team of experts helping you.

Once your closet is weeded of all the outdated, ill-fitting pieces and only good items are left, you will feel liberated and joyful about getting dressed.

This is why you hire an image consultant.